MCB 259 -
(and other) Assignments

(If nothing else is stated the assignments refer to Taiz/Zeiger: Plant Physiology, 2nd edition.)


 For Friday, Sept. 4: Chapter 1, page 3-9.

 For Wednesday: Sept. 9: Chapter 1, p 20. Study definition of plants, endosymbiosis, and the alteration of haploid and diploid generations in land plants.

Optional: write an assay on "What is life?" If you come up with a set of definitions, test them on some extremes: growing crystals, inhabitants of a retirement home, computers or robots that direct their own assembly.

 For Friday, Sept. 11: Read through chapt. 1. Make table with cell and organelle sizes.

 For Monday Sept. 15: Study secretory pathway (Fig. 1.15)

 For Wednesday Sept 18: Make table with cell and organelle sizes. Question on Chapter 1.

 For Friday, Sept 20: Study for Quiz,

 For Monday, Sept 21: Chapter 15 (cell wall) p 409- 426

 For Wednesday Sept 23: Chapter 13 (Phenolic compounds/ lignin) p 357 bottom - 367 top

 For Friday Sept. 25: read through chapter 2, find at least one meaningful question to ask  

 For Monday Sept 28: Study for quiz on Cell wall and Basics of Thermodynamics

 For Wednesday, Sept.30: Read Chapter 3 to page 71

 For Friday, October 2nd: Study all of chapter 3.

 For Monday, October 5th: read chapter 4. Optional write assay on "Do negative hydrostatic pressures exist in the Xylem?

 For Wednesday, October 7th: Study for Quiz

 For Friday, October 9th: Study water transport, Read Chapter 5

 For Wednesday, October 14th:  Read through chapter 6;
Optional: write assay on "Do negative hydrostatic pressures exist in the Xylem?"

 For Friday, October 16th: Study membrane transport , questions

 For Wednesday, October 21st: Study for quiz on stomata, and membrane transport

 For Friday, October 23rd: Study essential elements, root structure and function

 For Monday, October 26th: Study for Midterm

 For Friday, October 30th: Quiz on mineral nutrition,
     Read Chapt. 7 Photosynthesis, p155- 165, study box 7.1 & fig 7.2

 For Monday, November 2nd: Emerson enhancement (p164ff), bacterial photosynthesis (164), archaeal pigments

 For Wednesday, November 4th: study z-scheme, antenna and reaction center pigments

 For Friday, November 6th: Study Water splitting complex, be prepared to ask questions

 For Monday 9th, Study light reaction, water splitting complex,

 For Wednesday, November 12th: Study for Quiz on light reaction.

  For Friday, November 13th: Read chapter 8 up to p 207 (not photorespiration)

Essay on the global impact of oxygen producing photosynthesis in Earth's history.
Size limit: maximum of three pages with12pt font (TimesRmn), 1.5 line spacing &1inch margins. Don't forget references..

 For Monday, November 16: Study Calvin Cycle and Photorespiration.

  For Wednesday, Nov. 18th: Study for Quiz, complete reading chapter 8

 For Friday November 20th: read chapter 9

 For Monday November 23rd: Study C-4/CAM read chapter 10

 For Wednesday, Nov. 25: Study chapter 10 (Phloem)

  For Monday November 30th: Read through chapter 11 (Mitoch. and lipids)

 For Wednesday, December 2nd: Chapter 12 to page 336

 For Friday, December 4th: Chapter 15

 For Monday, December 7th: Chapter 16 and 19 - Quiz?

 For Wednesday, December 9th: Chapter 19 and 21

 For Friday, December 11th: Chapters on phytohormones (20, 22, 23) and wound response (p371-375)

 For Monday, December 14th: Phytochrome and blue light (chapt 17, 18 and 24)



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