Links to Notes for Individual Classes

 Class 1: Introduction; What is Physiology? Classification;

 Class 2 What are plants? Generationswechsel; Endosymbiosis

 Class 3 Cell organelles, Cell division.

 Class 4 Cell organelles,

 Class 5 Cell organelles, vacuole, cell wall, cell division.

 Class 6 Cell Wall continued

 Class 7 Intro to thermodynamics

 Class 8 Enzyme kinetics / Traube, Pfeffer, van't Hoff and osmosis

 Class 9 Waterpotential, Staverman Equation, and Quiz

 Class 10 Waterpotential in plants: measurements, components and magnitude

 Class 11 Watertransport in the xylem: structure and driving force

 Class 12 Water under Negative Pressures: Fact or Fiction?

 Class 13 Xylem Structure, Root Pressure and Maple Syrup

 Class 14 Stomata Membrane transport

 Class 15 Transmembrane transport

 Class 16 Chemiosmotic Coupling

 Class 17 Membrane transport continued

 Class 18 Quiz and Intro to Roots

 Class 19 Mineral Nutrition

 Class 20 Intro to Photosynthesis and Quiz

 Class 21 Light Reaction

 Class 22 z-scheme

 Class 23 lateral thylacoid membrane heterogeneity, PQ cycle

 Class 24 Intro to dark reaction

 Class 25 Dark reaction continues - Carbohydrate chemistry review  

 Class 26 Calvin Cycle - Photorespiration

 Class 27 C-3 C-4 and CAM

 Class 28 Light and Co2 compensation points

 Class 29 Phloem Transport - Pressure flow hypothesis

 Class30 Phloem Transport - pathway, loading unloading, transgenics

 Class31 Thanksgiving Special: Respiration, and Lipids

 Class32 Phloem Transport II: Problems, alternative pathways

 Class33 Nitrogen Fixation (12/2)

 Class34 Growth - Development - Polarity - Cell Wall

 Class35 Plant hormones - Auxin; cytokinin (12/7)

 Class36 GA / ethylene / ABA / jasmonate .(12/9)

 Class37 Phytochrom - Control of flowering(12/11)

 Class38 Review and discussion (12/15)



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