Prince Edward Island

Bridge that connects New Brunswick and P.E.I., as seen from Cape Jourimain, NB

Train Station, Kensington, PE

Haunted Mansion, Kensington, PE.

Fishing Village of Malpeque

The Cat's Meow

Cabot Beach Provincial Park (this lighthouse was moved here from Fish Island and no longer in use)

Last day of lobster season

Cabot Beach Provincial Park

Blue Heron


Bottle Houses

Cap-Egmont, PE

Wall Fragment I

Wall Fragment II

Wall Fragment III

Chatting Plants

Ships-to-Shore Route

Cap-Egmont lighthouse

Summerside Lighthouse

Summerside Lighthouse II

Blue Heron Coastal Drive, Anne's Land

Eroding Cliffs, Darnley

Eroding Cliffs, Darnley II

Eroding Cliffs, Darnley III

Eroding Cliffs, Darnley IV

Eroding Cliffs, Darnley V

Front Range Light of Malpeque Outer Range Lights

Tea Pot Rock, N 46 33.853 W 063 38.792

Cape Tryon Lighthouse

New London Range Lighhouse and a garden

Not so straight...

Fishing village (French River?)

P.E.I. National Park

Sand dunes

Nesting Cormorants, Orby Head

Covehead Lighthouse

Covehead Lighthouse II

SandLand, Charlottetown, PE


"The Big Tuna"

Somewhere in Anne's Land

Potato Field I

Potato Field II