Prince Edward Island

September 23-27, 2008

Confederation Bridge between N.B. and P.E.I., as seen from Cape Jourimain, NB

Warren Cottages, Goose River

Shorebirds, Goose River

Shorebirds II, Goose River

Lighthouse in Naufrage

Wind Generators, North Lake

Wind Generators II, North Lake

East Point Lighthouse (wooden), East Point

Sunrise, St. Peters

Church, St. Peters


Moo-o-o II

Another church in St. Peters

Rt. 2 roadside (confederation trail), St. Peters

Red Point Provincial Park

Red Point Provincial Park II

Shorebirds III, Goose River

Shorebirds IV, Goose River

Basin Head

Singing Sands Beach

Sand Dunes

P.E.I. National Park in Greenwich

Floating boardwalk, Greenwich Dunes Trail

Bowley Pond and Sand Dunes

Parabolic dunes and Gegenwalle


Reflections II

Bowley Pond and Sand Dunes II

Bowley Pond and Sand Dunes III

Bowley Pond and Sand Dunes IV

Bowley Pond and Sand Dunes V


Abstract II

Parabolic Dunes (view from the back)

Boardwalk to Greenwich Beach

Sunsets in Goose River

Rocks at sunset

View from the cabin

View from the cabin II

Dunes at sunset

Dunes at sunset II