Boston, April 2016

Architecture and Streetscapes

State Library of Massachusetts

Cathedral Church of St. Paul

Balconies and fire escape stairs

The "frowning face" of Tremont Temple Baptist Church

Chapman Pl.

Old Latin School Hopscotch, fragment

Old Corner Bookstore


Old and New Juxtaposition

Old and New Juxtaposition II: Old State House

The Colors of Quincy Market

North End: Windowsill

North End: Cobblestone

Union Oyster House

Old South Meeting House

Park Street Church

Public Art

Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment Memorial by Augustus Saint-Gaudens (Fragment)

Mary Dyer, Quaker, Hanged on Boston Commons in 1660

An equestrian statue of General Joseph Hooker

Benjamin Franklin Statue (Richard S. Greenough, 1856, bronze)

Franklin as a printing apprentice

Frankin as a diplomat: Signing The Treaty of Paris

The donkey of the Democratic Party near Old City Hall

Asotoron at Haymarket, fragment (Mags Harries, 2006, bronze set into concrete)

Asotoron II

Asotoron III

Asotoron IV


Dog Tag Garden Memorial: Commemoration of American soldiers died in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars (a small fragment)

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial II

Holocaust Memorial III

Soldiers and Sailors Monument with a Moon

Soldiers and Sailors Monument II


Spring Blossoms, Granary Burying Ground

John Hancock Memorial, Granary Burying Ground

Mary Goose: A persistent Boston's myth, Granary Burying Ground

Heraldic gravestone design, King's Chapel Burying Ground

Copp's Hill Burying Ground

Death's heads of gravestones, Copp's Hill Burying Ground (note then-popular winged death's heads)

Death's head with crossed bones, Copp's Hill Burying Ground