Fall 2009. Part II

Bouctouche Sandbar, Bouctouche, NB

Photo trip to Joggins, NS

Fossilized Ripples

300 million years old layers

Muddy waters of Bay of Fundy

Around Sackville

Last Apples on Rails-to-Trails

Sunrise from kitchen window

Sackville Train Station

Frost, Waterfowl Park

Foggy morning on Silver Lake (backyard)

Old Cemetery, Main Street

Waterfowl Park

Silver Lake Reflections

Main Street Reflections in Silver Lake

Pheasant and Tantramar Marsh

Minas Basin

Wasson Bluff, Low Tide (Dinosaur fossils were found here)

Wasson Bluff II

Two and Five islands, Low Tide

The whole shop is for sale too (Parrsboro)

Glooscap Statue. Parrsboro, NS

Folkins Drive on a frosty and foggy morning

Olympic Flame in Sackville


Fort Beausejour

Sunset. Bay of Fundy (Dorchester, NB)

Tantramar Marsh

Train through Tantramar Marsh

Fort Gaspareaux Lighthouse

Old cemetery, Fort Gaspareaux

Newville Lake Reflections, Rt. 2, NS

Newville Lake Reflections II, Rt. 2, NS

Horse, Jolicure, NB