Fall in Canadian Maritimes, September-November 2010

September 2010

Tantramar Marsh

Harvest Time

Stormy back yard (Sackville, NB)

Fossilized root (Joggins, NS)

Fossilized tree trunk embedded into the cliff (Joggins, NS)

Curious Goats (Aboushagan Road, NB)

Smiley Face

Cows (Tantramar Marsh)

Sunset (Silver Lake, Sackville, NB)

Full Moon (Silver Lake, Sackville, NB)

Full Moon II (Silver Lake, Sackville, NB)

October 2010

Economy Falls (Economy, NS)

Wentworth, NS

Sackville, NB

Black and White Combinations

Black and White II

Autoportrait with Hay and Bridge

Foggy Morning (Silver Lake)

RCI antenna (in fog)

Silver Lake

Ladder (Bay of Fundy)

Wild Blueberries field

Halloween Pumpkin (Meow!)

Joggins, NS

Fossilized calamite

Walking in Carboniferous

Fossilized ?

Tree trunk

Tree trunk II

Tree trunk III

Still Life: Time Discontinuity (Fossilized Ripples and Tire)

Arisaig, NS

Stormy Northumberland Strait

Looking into to lifeforms' medley from 448 to 401 million years ago [More info]

November 2010

Halifax, NS

St. Matthew's United Church

Halifax Harbor in the morning

Young Ave. at night

New Farmer's Market

Sackville, NB

Autoportrait in first snow (rails-to-trails)

Church (British Settlement)