Trip to Montana, September 2011

Big Sky, MT

Lone Peak (11,166 ft.)

Lone Peak II

Big Sky Resort

Lone Peak III

Lone Peak IV

Self-Portrait with Thane

Ousel Falls

Ousel Falls II

Ousel Falls III

Ousel Falls IV

Beehive Creek Trail

Beehive Creek Trail II

Thermophiles 2011 Field Trip, Yellowstone NP

Midway Geyser Basin

Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring II

Rabbit Creek area, Lower Geyser Basin

Mark Young, MSU

Octopus Spring area, Lower Geyser Basin

Octopus Spring

Microbial Mat (Lasagna, both sides)

Another microbial mat


Monument Geyser Basin

Mud Volcano Area

Fishing for new "bugs"


Lower Geyser Basin

Pink Cone Geyser

Midway Geyser Basin

Upper Geyser Basin

Shell Spring

Shell Spring II

Waiting for Old Faithful to erupt...

... and here it is erupting

Morning Glory Pool

Grotto Geyser

Mammoth Springs

Palette Springs

The Scream

Liberty Cap

Grand Canyon

Norris Geyser Basin


Rt. 89 between Gardiner and Livingston

Devil's Slide on Cinnabar Mountain

Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River II

Near Bozeman, MT

College M trail (view from the "M")

on M trail

In Hayalite Canyon