September 2014

A trip to Newfoundland

St. John's Harbor


Port II


National Geographic ship visiting

The harbor entrance I

The harbor entrance II

The harbor entrance III

Coast Guard


Two dories

The harbor viewed from Signal Hill

Ship traffic

Fort Amherst

Cruise ship

Battery Then...

...and Battery Now

Perched on a Rock

The streets are steep and narrow

Signal Hill National Historic Site

Erratic and the narrow harbor entrance

A series of cairns

Steps into Atlantic

Rugged coastline

A view of Cabot Tower from Cuckolds Cove

North Head Trail


A man at a summit (View of St. John's)

St. John's-centered view of the world

Well-protected I

Well-protected II


Winterholme (my hotel).
Built in 1905-1907. Queen Anne Revival architectural style.

Auto-portrait at National War Memorial
(for soldiers of Newfoundland who fought in World War I)

New Founde Chocolate Lande mural on the side of Newfoundland Chocolate Co.building
(pretty good chocolate!)

Trinitaria by Michele Stamp (2006). The colors are of milk, dark and white chocolate.

No commment!

Downtown at dusk

Downtown and the harbor at night (view from the Rooms)


Quidi Vidi Village

Quidi Vidi Village (detail)

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve
[The UNESCO Heritage Site]

Barren landscape: the trail to the fossil outcrop

Rare pre-Cambrian (Ediacaran, 5653 million years old) fossils are embedded in these cliffs (aka "Ediacaran Pompeii")

Hapsidophyllas flexibilis

Fractofusus ("Spindle") I

Charniodiscus procerus (looks like a giant phage to me!)

Fractofusus ("Spindle") II


Misty outcroups

Useful links that describe the geology and fossils of Mistaken Point: