St. John's, Newfoundland. Part III: Mix of Sun and Clouds

Architecture of St. John's

Colorful rowhouses

I hope you are not bored yet... Different pics are coming up...

The Rooms


Basilica of St. John the Baptist

Cabot Tower (St. John the Baptist view)

Row houses mailbox

Cat in the sun

Attracted to Harbor again

Tynda is still in town

How many cats in this picture? Battery

The answer to the question in previous photo is three

Yet another view of the harbor

Battery and Ice

North Head Trail: don't look down

Ice in the harbor!

Birds on ice

On North Head Trail

Cabot Tower from another side

and Cabot Tower again

Rocks on the Rock

Iced up (what a difference a day makes)

Fort Amherst and Ice

North Head Trail

Air Canada plane, en route to St. John's airport

Harbor View from the Rooms

Harbor View from the Rooms II