Trip to South shore of Nova Scotia, August 2010

Cottage time

Cottage and Chinese kite

Kite II

Kite III

Swing self-portrait

Crystal clear water of Stevens Cove

Ross Farm
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Lazy sheep

Making barrels

Blue Rocks

The Ovens, N.S.

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Trip to Tancook Island (pop. 120)

Tancook Ferry (William G. Ernst)

Ferry terminal

Loading ferry (groceries etc.)

Loading Ferry II

Leaving Chester...

Leaving Chester II...

Tancok Island is straight ahead

Approaching Tancook Island Terminal

Unloading Ferry

Ferry at the terminal

Island decor

Main street of the island

Fire truck

Island library

No famous Tancook cabbage found...

Ferry is coming back to pick us up

Stopping by Little Tancook Island (pop. 29)


Chester, N.S.

Lunenberg, N.S.

Lunenberg Academy

Lunenberg Academy II

The Salt Spray rose hips