Summer 2015 - Around Vermont and a bit of New Hampshire

Post Mills, VT

Post Mills Airport I

Post Mills Airport II

Post Mills Airport III


Post Mills Congregational Church
(built in 1818)
[Read more about this National Historic Place nominee]

Vermont Teddy Bear Company in Shelburne, VT

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Made in U.S.A.

Inside-out Bear

Guaranteed for Life. Repaired as needed.

Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT

Railroad Station, Detail
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Locomotive 220, Detail
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Grand Isle Private Car

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Originally the lighthouse was located on Lake Champlainís Colchester Reef

Steep staircase to the top

The view onto the 220-foot steamboat Ticonderoga

Colonial Life of 1790s - Settlers' House
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Colonial Life of 1790s - Settlers' Garden

Colonial Life of 1790s - Flax Field

Colonial Life of 1790s - Clay Bake Oven

Two Lane Covered Bridge (1845)
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You have been warned!

St. Gaudens National Historic Site

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Inside the artist's residence: Kitchen stove


Calendar Clock

Dining Room

Little Studio

Town of Windsor - The Birthplace of Vermont

Veteran's Memorial - Bronze Statue of WWII solider (2002; Sculptor: Windsor, VT native Lawrence Nowlan, Jr.)
The soldier is ďat the end of the day of a long patrol. His weapon is over his shoulder, itís slung. Heís tired and heís coming back to camp.Ē (Source)

Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor, VT

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Infinity Plus
(Or is it a Mobius strip cut along in the middle? Create that yourself!)

Hall of Presidents

Hall of Presidents - "The Wind" by Renzo Palmerini


Cubist Sculpture (a Quintet? Spotted inside Wilson Castle,

Harris' Checkerspot - Chlosyne harrisii

Butterfly "puddling"

Wood anemone (Anemone quinquefolia)

(Narrowleaf?) Evening Primrose (Oenothera spp.)

Canada Lily (Lilium canadense)

Canada Lily II