Winter 2010 Part I

Sackville, N.B.

Farm in Upper Sackville, NB

Playful Horses I, Church St.

Playful Horses II, Church St.

Frozen Silver Lake (backyard)

Melting Silver Lake


Main Street

Laundry, Church Street

Main Street

Sunset at Silver Lake


Horse and a pony

Tantramar Marsh

Chocolaty Slush of the Bay of Fundy

Chocolaty Slush II

Chocolaty Slush III

Fort Beausejour

Covered Bridge (self-portrait)

Trip to Murray Beach Provincial Park

"Titanic" (in frozen Northumberland Strait)

Confederation Bridge

Murray, N.B.

Amherst, N.S.

Amherst Point

Nappan River, Nappan, N.S.

Travel Snapshots: Morgantown, WV

Rails to Trails

Decker Creek

Mon River

Travel Snapshots: Washington D.C.

Travel Snapshots: Penn State University

Travel Snapshots: Victoria Park, Truro, N.S.

Jacob's Ladder (down)

Jacob's Ladder (up)


Salt and Pepper