December 2010 - February 2011

Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia

Moving to Pennsylvania

Nomadic Life: Everything I owned in December 2010 is in this photo

First Impressions: Borough of Point Marion, PA (pop. 1,333)

Town is named after the Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox", a South Carolinian who never saw the town.

Former Gas Station, Rt. 119

PA-WV border (rails-to-trails)

Mon River

Rails to Trails

Rails to Trails II

Pollution I

Pollution II

Pollution III

Friendship Hill National Historic Site

Albert Gallatin

Gallatin House, National Historic Landmark

Coopers Rock State Forest, West Virginia

Cheat River

Self Portrait with XC ski poles

Office Views, West Virginia University


Lake Lynn Hydro (aka Cheat Lake)

Docks, Cheat Lake